Customize Your Mouse Using X-Mouse Button Control

Are you one of the computer users who own a mouse that has a lot of buttons on it? A lot of mice manufacturers such as Logitech and Microsoft now each offers a software of their own that allows you to customize the buttons on your mouse that previously has its default functions.

x-mouse button control

The Problem With Default Softwares

The availability of software created by mice manufacturers for you to customize buttons does not close the possibility for you to look for a utility that is even better to help you change the actions that the buttons on your mouse that has been set to do by default.

Besides, default software that mice manufacturers such as Logitech and Microsoft provide does not allow you to make changes for the actions that the left and right buttons on your mouse does by default. Although most users may not be interested or find the need to change the functions of these buttons, it does not mean that there are no users who do want to configure their mouse and make the most out of it.

If you own a mouse with a lot of buttons on it, you are most likely accustomed to using your mouse to accomplish tasks rather than using keyboard shortcuts. By configuring the buttons on your mouse correctly, you can make it so much easier to use.

How You Can Use X-Mouse Button Control To Configure Your Mouse

Lucky for you, there is free software available that allows you to make configurations for your mouse and get the best out of it. The software is called X Mouse Button Control. It can be used to make configurations on a mouse that only has two buttons or instead merely called as the standard mice, and you can also use it for your multi-button mouse if your computer runs Windows as the operating system.

First of all, the software allows you to designate each of the buttons of your mouse for a particular task. For example, you can make the middle-click button on your mouse have the same function as the Alt+Tab shortcut, which leads you to switch between the applications that are running. If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can also make the middle button on the mouse show the Charms Bar.

You can also make the buttons on your mouse accomplish actions that are specific to an application. For example, you can make the right-click button on your mouse to act as a button you can use for printing when you are using your favorite internet browsers such as Internet Explorer or Chrome. However, at the same time, you can make it remain as a standard right-click button for uses in other applications.

The best thing about X Mouse Button Control is that you can import and export the settings that you have customized into a file so you do not have to configure the settings you have done should you re-install the Windows on your computer.

How to Download X-Mouse Button Control?

Check out the following developer’s page to download the current version of X-Mouse Button Control. It’s upgraded regularly, and there is a devoted online forum to look for assistance and provide feedback. X-Mouse Button Control also has a portable version which you can download at the download page.

Download X-Mouse Button Control

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