How to Rotate Screen in Windows 10?

If you own a computer or laptop with Windows 10 as its operating system, you must find it a little bit tricky to rotate the screen. Indeed, the screen orientation of computer and laptop is not easily changed. Unlike in tablets where screen orientation easily can be changed as you turn the device, changing the screen orientation in computer and laptop needs some tricks. Below is more information for you about how to create a keyboard shortcut to rotate the screen for Windows 10.

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How do I Rotate My Computer Screen?

You can rotate your computer screen in Windows 10 and previous version of Windows Operating System (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7) by using the usual method or using a keyboard shortcut.

The Usual Method to Change the Screen Orientation

In Windows 10, the usual method that you can do to change the screen orientation is to go to the desktop and then click right on the mouse. You will see several options including “Screen Rotation.” Click that option and then you select the type of screen orientation that you like.
That method will rotate the screen. Some people find this method is satisfying enough. However, many of them find this method is too long and that they need a keyboard shortcut to change the screen orientation.

There is no specific keyboard shortcut that you can use to change the screen orientation. Some graphics card manufacturers, however, complete their product with screen rotation shortcuts. For example, Intel HD Graphics has the Ctrl+Alt+ Left/Right/Up/Down (arrows) to rotate the screen.

If your laptop does not have Intel HD Graphics, that shortcut will not work for you. To change the screen orientation with a shortcut, do some tips below.

How to Create Keyboard Shortcut to Rotate Screen in Windows 10?

Creating shortcuts to change screen orientation in Windows 10 is easy. There are two simple methods that you can do to create shortcuts for screen orientation in your Windows 10 device.

The first method is by using iRotate.

iRotate is a software to make screen orientation shortcut easily. This software is easily compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, and surely Windows 10.

After installing iRotate to your laptop or computer, these shortcuts are available:

  • Default Rotation: Ctrl+Alt+Up
  • 90 Degrees Rotation: Ctrl+Alt+Left
  • 180 Degrees Rotation: Ctrl+Alt+Down
  • 270 Degrees Rotation: Ctrl+Alt+Right

The second method is by using Display utility.

Besides iRotate, you can also use a particular software called Display utility to create screen orientation shortcut. This method is going to work for Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.

After you download the software, you need to make sure that the software is stored in a safe location. Go to the main display of the laptop or your computer and then create “new shortcut.” Create four shortcuts from these path/ sources below:

  • Shortcut for Default Rotation: C:\Display/Display.exe /rotate:0
  • Shortcut for 90 Degrees Rotation: C:\Display/Display.exe /rotate:90
  • Shortcut for 180 Degrees Rotation: C:\Display/Display.exe /rotate:180
  • Shortcut for 270 Degrees Rotation: C:\Display/Display.exe /rotate:270

After the four shortcuts are ready, all you need to do while in need to change the screen orientation is clicking one of the short-keys above. Choose the desired screen orientation and then click “apply.” This method is easy and most likely to work in all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices.

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