Quick Review of Pros and Cons of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Are you currently considering whether you should use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or install the operating system in your computer just like usual? Well, it is indeed a decision that you have to think through because it will affect your convenience as well as the cost you have to spend. To help you choose, let’s find out more about the pros and cons of using VDI.

virtual desktop infrastructure

What are the Pros of Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Migrating from old operating system to a newer one is not always a feasible option for a company. The first reason is it can take some time for the employee to adapt themselves to the new operating system which can reduce productivity.

But the main reason for the reluctance to switch to the new operating system is the cost of upgrading the hardware. When we want to upgrade to a newer operating system, sometimes we also have to change the hardware to match the requirement of that operating system.
Unfortunately, purchasing new sets of the device for the whole company can be very expensive. It is where VDI will play its role.

Since the operating system will be hosted in a data center instead of installing on the computer, your computers don’t have to match the requirement of the new operating system.

It will save your company much money since you don’t have to purchase new hardware to use better software. Furthermore, you also don’t have to buy the license for the new software, which is another way to save money.

Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is also a great way to improve the security of your computer. Hackers usually attack your computer via the software. So, since VDI allows the software to be kept in the data center instead of in your computer, there is nothing the hackers can get out of your computer since it is empty.

What are the Cons of Using VDI?

Even though you don’t have to purchase new computers and purchase license of the operating system, switching to VDI can still put a burden on your company’s finance. VDI hardware is, and it can even exceed the cost of purchasing new computers. So, make sure you calculate the cost correctly before deciding to switch to VDI completely.

Furthermore, VDI will make you rely on internet connection every single time you want to use your computer. The operating system and all the applications are hosted in the separate data center, and you will require to connect to the internet to access it.

It means, using VDI is not an option if you live in an area with unreliable internet connection. Moreover, you also need to count the bandwidth cost which definitely will not be cheap.

If your office only uses simple applications, using VDI will not be a problem. However, if your job relies on the specialized application, VDI might pose a challenge for you.

Not every application can be easily virtualized, and your IT department will need to work extra hard to virtualize the software and also make sure that it can work properly in the virtual environment. It is more of a hassle compared to installing it directly in your computer.

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