Setting the Alarm with Cortana in Your Windows Phone Quickly

There are so many things that Cortana can do to make our life with our Windows Phone easier. One of the most convenient things this feature can do for you is setting the alarm. Setting the alarm is one activity that you do daily so learning how to set the alarm with Cortana definitely will make your life much simpler.

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How to Set an Alarm with Cortana?

As a Windows Phone user, you might feel envious to iPhone users because they have Siri. Well, you do not have to feel jealous anymore because we can say that Cortana is the Siri of Windows Phone.

You merely need to tell your command to Cortana, and it will grant your requests in just a matter of seconds, very similar to Siri. Thanks to this feature, you can set your alarm directly with voice command. There is no necessity to type anything on your phone.

To set the alarm with voice command, first of all, you certainly need to activate Cortana by pressing and hold the Search button of your smartphone. If you want to make everything more straightforward, you can pin Cortana in your home screen so you can access it with a simple touch.

Once Cortana welcomes you and ready to take your order, you can start setting the alarm. The message that will be displayed in your screen when Cortana appears is “What can I help you with?”

There are some commands you can use to set the alarm. Here are some of the examples:

  • “Wake me up at 5 AM.”
  • “Set an alarm for 6.45 AM.”
  • “Wake me up in 30 minutes.”
  • “Turn on my PM alarm.”

If you no longer need the alarm and you want to turn it off, you can also tell Cortana to do it. For example, you can say “Turn off my alarm,” but any similar command will do.

If you have more than one alarm set in your Windows Phone, Cortana will ask you regarding which alarm you want to turn off. If you remember the precise time, you can mention the time to her, and she will immediately turn that alarm off.

However, if you are not sure the exact time of the alarm you want to turn off, instead of telling Cortana to turn off your alarm, it is best if you ask her to bring you to the list of alarms you have set. For example, you can say something like “Go to my alarms.” Once you are there, you can choose for yourself which alarm you want to turn off.

What If Cortana Cannot Detect Your Command?

If Cortana cannot detect your command, maybe it is because you say something she cannot recognize. For example “Set an alarm for every Monday at 5 AM” or “Set an alarm for August 4th at 5 PM”. If you want to be reminded for that kind of time, it is best if you use Reminder instead of Alarm.

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