How to Boot the Computer to Safe Mode in Windows 10

What is safe mode? It is an option available in Windows run by your computer by only using basic file and driver. Safe Mode is of course very advantageous mainly if there is a problem occurred or you want to start the Windows more appropriately. So, can we boot the safe mode by ourselves? Sure, here is the explanation for you; how to boot Windows 10 in safe mode.

windows 10 safe mode

How to Boot the Computer to Login Screen?

There are some ways you can do if you expect to boot the computer to the login screen. First of all, you can use the navigation window to boot Windows 10 to the safe mode. Another way is by using the Shift button and Restart that are pushed together. Well, if you still cannot figure out the safe mode, there is one more way to do. It is by using the configuration system tool.

How if the Computer Cannot Boot for Login Screen?

Okay, during the process of booting, this problem is commonly experienced as well. If you are one of them, you must not worry. There are some other ways to do. The first is by using Drive recovery to boot Windows 10 through the recovery mode. Besides, you can also boot the Windows 10 to the safe mode from Command Prompt. Lastly, you may activate the Legacy Advanced Boot Options using Key F8.

What to do After Booting the Computer to the Login Screen

Some ways must be done after booting the computer to the Login screen. What are they?

Using the Navigation Window

The first is by navigating the computer into the startup setting to restart the system. The navigation must pass through some other steps. They are by pushing some buttons continuously, including the Windows button, enter, recovery, startup, restart now. After several times, you will find a menu with three options in which you have to choose the option “solving problems,” “startup setting,” and “restart.”

Use “Shift” button + “Restart.”

The next way is by using button “Shift”+”Restart.” By using this method, you can enter the safe mode a little bit faster than the previous one. There are some steps in this method which is started by going to the Start Menu which is located in the left corner and then clicks “power.” Next, push and hold “Shift” and right click on the option “Restart.” After a minute, you can get a menu with three options, and you can choose option “solving problems.” On the next screen, you may choose the “advanced options,” “startup settings,” and restart. From the menu options, click safe mode by pushing some buttons on the keyboard; they are F4 for activating safe mode, F5 for activating safe mode with network, and F6 for activating safe mode with command prompt.

Using the System Configuration Tool

Another way is by using the configuration tools. It is by pushing Windows button, typing MSConfig, and going to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and Configuration System. Tap Boot and then choose the box with safe button label. If you want to boot to the Safe Mode with network, you can then select “network” in the system configuration window. Click “Apply” and then “OK” once the dialog box appears. Lastly, click “restart” if you want to restart the computer manually.

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