How do I set Google as my Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge?

The users of computers and laptops with Windows operating system know that the default browser of Windows is Internet Explorer. However, Internet Explorer is sometimes judged as the slowest browser, compared to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. That is why the new Windows 10 has its new web browser. Besides Internet Explorer, the new default web browser of Windows 10 is called Microsoft Edge or simply “Edge.” Below, you will find more about the Edge.

Set Google as my Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge at a Glance

Edge has numerous cool features and thus convincing the users to stick with it instead of switching to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. However, there is one thing that people dislike about Edge: the default search engine. We all know that Google is the best search engine on earth. However, Edge uses Bing instead of Google. That is why the users of Edge try to figure out how to make Google as the default search engine on the web browser.

Edge user do that because Google has better search features compared to Bing. Google is also easier to use than Bing. This is why they are so keen to change the Bing search engine to Google. If you want to know to change Bing into Google as the default search engine, check the paragraph down below.

How can I set Google as my Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge?

We can change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge from Bing to Google quite quickly.

  1. First, you have to click the Edge web browser icon and open it.
  2. Once the browser is launched, open the Google website.
  3. Now that you are on Google bookmark the page by giving it the star button available on the screen.
  4. After that, find the settings option and open it.
  5. Keep scrolling down the setting option until you find “Advanced Settings” option.
  6. Click the option, and you will find some other options.
  7. Scroll down and find “Search” option. It is located in the address bar.
  8. There is a drop-down box. Click that box and then click “Add New.”
  9. Now that you have done it, you should see that Google search entry is now located under the “Choose” one.
  10. Select the Google icon and then click “Add as default” option. After you click that option, the default search engine of the Edge will switch from Edge to Google.
  11. Close the browser app and then open it up again in a few minutes to let the browser restart and perform the change.

Those are the easy methods to change your Edge’s default browser. With that simple solution, even someone with no advanced knowledge in computing will easily do the change.

However, before you set Google as the default browser of Edge, make sure that your Microsoft Edge browser is supporting OpenSearch 1.1. If your Edge does not support OpenSearch 1.1, it is impossible to change the default search engine from Bing to Google, and then you will have to put up with Bing as the default search engine on your Edge web browser.

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