All You Need to Know About EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup software is one of the most useful software you can use in your Windows 10 computer or laptop right now. This software has the function to automatically backup your folders, files, and other data. A lot of advanced features completes this software. This is why this software is one of the best backup solutions for your Windows 10 computers or laptops. The best thing about EaseUS Todo Backup software is that this is free software. If you want to know more about this software, below is more information about it for you.

easeus todo backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Software at a Glance

There are quite a few backup software that can be compatible with Windows 10 operating system. This EaseUS Todo Backup software is one of them. This software is the ultimate backup solution for your laptop, especially those with Windows operating system. The difference between this software with other free backup software is that the EaseUS Todo Backup has simple interface, powerful performance, and also advanced features. Usually, you will not find these features in free software.

The Key Features of EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Several of the key features of this software are including:

  • Incremental Backup, allowing you to backup all your data, folder, and file anytime you want.
  • Scheduled Backup, automatically backup your data based on a scheduled time.
  • Disk and Partition Backup, allowing you to keep the data and format of the disk and also the partition.
  • Disk Clone and Partition Clone, clone your disk and partition data and format so that you can easily copy them into your new device.
  • Explore Backup Content, easily guide you to find the folders, files, or data that you have saved before.
  • Backup Network Data, let your device to remember all the data from the network including the settings.

How to Use EaseUS Todo Backup Software

This software is incredibly easy to use. After the software is installed in your device, click the application icon. Then, the EaseUS Todo Backup home screen is going to appear. On the home screen, there are several options including data backup, disk and partition recovery, system backup, file recovery, partition clone, and many others. Click the option that you want to do and the follow the next steps including to the instructions appear on the screen.

EaseUS Todo Backup OS Compatibility

This software can be used in the computers and laptops with these operating systems:

  • Windows XP x64 version
  • Windows XP x86 version
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

EaseUS Todo Backup has a useful and straightforward user interface. It also has powerful backup options. Restore option is also available. That is why this software is so worth trying, especially if you are looking for free but powerful backup software. This software is going to prevent you from losing your valuable data. This is why this software is better to be on your computer and laptop.

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