Comodo Backup for Automatic Recovery and File Backup for Windows 7

This time, I want to share my personal experiences using the Comodo backup. Some of you may not know what Comodo backup is, so you need to spend a few minutes to read the information I share below. As the name suggests, it is a free backup solution for Windows. A few years ago, there were several backup solutions like Cobian and Easeus Todo backup. Now, we have Comodo backup as well.

comodo backup

Key Features of Comodo Backup

In general, I find this backup solution packed with a wide variety of features including registry backup, system partition backup, backup to the FTP server and user settings backup. This program enables you to choose one among several options for a backup destination such as Comodo online storage, FTP or the network. And, you can also create the default computer location.

Comodo allows you to set up the password to protect your files. You can create it in the settings. These are not the only features. There are tons of more features as following.

  • Backup folders and files to any location on your FTP server, network or computer
  • Comodo restores date with only a few clicks
  • Comodo especially comes with a fully featured scheduler to allow you are running backups anytime you need
  • Comodo comes with email notifications to multiple users notifying the status of the ongoing backup job
  • Comodo is fully secured thanks to various security features such as data encryption and password protection
  • Comodo works excellent when it comes to saving disk space using the multiple compression options

Comodo Backup Pros and Cons

Pros of Comodo Backup

Overall, I can tell that Comodo backup makes an excellent program for free backup. But still, I need to note down the pros and cons of this program to make it clearer how I feel using this program. So, here are the pros and cons.

I like how Comodo can backup all types of files. It means that Comodo allows the combination of several backup programs that it features a master suite. Meanwhile, other backup programs only allow files and partition saving.

Comodo allows entire hard drive backup. What a high performance, right? Yes, Comodo is more than just backing up the folders and files to FTP folders. It means that the users are no longer required to install any additional programs to get the desired ability to their computers.

Comodo has unusual restore feature. Let me be clear. Comodo allows the users to mount a backup instead of simply restoring folders and files. It means that Comodo allows you to use it as some virtual drive. At the same time, Comodo also allows you to copy the files that you need to use. Or, you can also choose to restore entire backup to its original location.

Cons of Comodo Backup

Despite amazing features, I do have some things I do not really like from Comodo. Somehow, Comodo doesn’t show the back versions side by side which are a bit inconvenient. And, during the setup, you will be pushed to install cloud alongside Comodo backup program. So, if you do not want this additional program, make sure to uncheck the option.

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